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Custom Shampoo Bottles | Custom Lotion Bottle | Bottles For Shampoo


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Custom Shampoo Bottles | Custom Lotion Bottle | Bottles For Shampoo

Custom Shampoo Bottles Display Personality

[caption id="attachment_7867" align="alignleft" width="234"]Add custom labels to bottles for shampoo. Add custom labels to bottles for shampoo.[/caption]

It's hard work creating a beauty brand, and your custom shampoo bottles should reflect that. You've invested a lot of time creating your product, so your labels should be fresh and interesting. They can be with these easy tips:

  • Clearly define the key points of your shampoo. Does it detangle? Add volume? Whatever the selling point of your product is, make sure it stands out.
  • Give your shampoo a clever name. A catchy title will intrigue people and will be something they remember.
  • Consider material. Since shampoo is used in the shower, make sure you choose a waterproof material for the label. You don't want it to fall off the bottle or have the colors bleed when it gets wet.
  • Don't forget about the ingredients. While not the most exciting note, it's important to list the ingredients for the sake of people's allergies.

Create Unique Custom Lotion Bottles

If you're also creating custom lotion bottles, you want that professionalism reflected in shampoo bottles to carry through.

  • Brand colors​ - Is there a color scheme that you feel sums up your product line? Using specific colors for  each product can unify your line. When considering colors, think of what you're trying to portray. If the lotion is supposed to be gentle and soothing, lighter, more muted colors might be the way to go. On the flip side, if the lotion is invigorating, bright, vibrant colors can convey that.
  • Material - Like shampoo, lotion is used a lot right after a shower. Someone might still be wet so you'd want a waterproof label. Otherwise all of your hard work will peel off.
  • Ingredients - Like shampoo, lotion bottles, even unique ones, need to list labels for allergy purposes.

Bottles for Shampoo Look Better with Custom Labels

Individuality is something to celebrate. Bottles for shampoo should get the same treatment. When creating labels, don't make them look like every other bottle of shampoo out there. Figure out what other labels are lacking and work from there. Adding your unique vision will help your shampoo bottles stand out from the crowd and boost sales.

For more information or to place an order, visit our shampoo bottle labels page. Or simply visit our Custom Label Quote page for an instant online quote!

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