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Creative Lip Balm Packaging


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Creative Lip Balm Packaging

Creative lip balm packaging has become one of the most fail-proof ways to break into the heavily-saturated lip balm market. While unique lip balm packaging has been the standard for novelty items commonly flaunted by pre-teen girls, the following companies have quickly learned that creative packaging is also the key to winning over mature beauty buyers. Look at these unique products turning heads today:

TonyMoly Petite Bunny: Known for unique packaging, TonyMoly recently released six scents in these adorable bunny-shaped applicators. The bunnies' unique facial expressions based on anime characters, are geared toward the hotly-targeted Japanese audience. Even American buyers are drawn to the edgy styles coming out of Japan, proven by successful lines such as Harajuku by Gwen Stefani.


Tokyo Milk: This company is known for its charming packaging featuring Victorian-style drawings, making it ideal for almost any shop. Retro artwork has gained popularity over the past few years and is now featured on a variety of popular cosmetic brands, like Benefit.


Evolution of Smooth (EOS): Newest to the market is EOS, who took the beauty counter by storm last year with its ball-shaped lip balm packaging. EOS combined the design of the traditional lip balm pot with a twist-off lid with the convenience associated with a tube-based balm. Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn, would be proud to share her name with a cosmetics company who woke up consumers with its unique packaging.


Skinfood Honey Pot Lip Balm: Grown women squeal with delight when they spot this all-natural lip balm in a cute little honeypot. This Korean-based company uses only food-based ingredients to make a full line of hair and skin products. Priced at almost $20, it is geared at the discriminating beauty buyer rather than the little girl down the lane.


Ballmania: Similar to EOS' ball-shaped containers, Ballmania uses eye-catching patterns to reel its customers in, but it's the Serenlipity Twist and Pout line that catches the eyes of mature beauty buyers. The gorgeously-decorated balm comes in a beautiful box with a full-size lip applicator, making it splurge-worthy next time you're at the beauty counter.


Chicken Poop: Turning the most heads in lip balm packaging would be Chicken Poop, which the company is quick to state "contains no chicken poop." The company definitely understands the importance of being unique. While the balm comes in a rather plain-looking tube, the product display cannot be missed. The box is shaped like a full-size chicken, and you can surely guess from where the lip balm tubes are dispensed.


Piudali: What is unique about Piudali's latest cosmetic line is not that it's made from all-natural ingredients, but that all of the ingredients and the packaging come from the Amazon. This lip balm comes in an actual Andean nogal nut and contains fruit butters found only in the rain forest. Due to the strict rules of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization, the makers of this product can produce only a limited supply each year, so you'd better hurry.