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Crayons Have Never Been So Tasty


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Crayons Have Never Been So Tasty

Kraft brand String Cheese and Polly-O String Cheese are partnering with Crayola in a joint back-to-school promotion.

The string cheese brands' limited-edition packaging will feature individual cheese stick wrappers along with various-colored Crayola crayons, alluding to the appearance of Crayola crayon boxes.

"Crayola focuses on unleashing a kid's creativity for them to grow up and inspire the world," said Marlene Sawhney, associate brand manager of Cheese Marketing at Kraft, Packaging World reported. "Since Kraft and Polly-O String Cheese are wholesome snacks that kids love, mom feels that it helps them teach their children how to make smart decisions."

The packaging news doesn't stop with just the cheese-enclosed crayon wrapper. A coupon, worth $3 off Crayola products, will be in each cheese package. The promotion will also include in-store displays, banners and shelf talkers.

To further spread the word of the cheesy goodness, there will be website marketing campaigns tied to the products. will include links to string cheese recipes and will feature kids activity pages that can be downloaded for free, PopSop reported.

In addition, Kraft will include paid ads on Facebook to promote the partnership, along with printed ads in Kraft Foods' Food & Family Magazine, the source reported.