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Cool Hot Sauce Labels


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Cool Hot Sauce Labels


Danny Cash started making hot sauce in his own kitchen about four and a half years ago. Everyone loved his creations so he decided to do it professionally. Now he creates large batches of hot sauce in a commercial kitchen and sells his products all over the world.

Private label hot sauce is their specialty. I know that for a fact because just in the last few months I have seen his hot sauce in several restaurants throughout Colorado. These days he has eight products and over 300 different labels. That is one of the advantages of using the digital label printing of Lightning Labels - he can combine many of these small private label orders into one job and get a great price - you can't do that with traditional label printing.

Pictured above are three of his products under his own Colorado Gourmet label. I like the contrast of the cool Colorado mountains with the fiery hot sauce. If you feel like trying out his products you can order it by the bottle on their web site.

The Lightning Labels Blog will be taking a summer vacation - I am heading to California for 10 days. Be back later in the month.