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Cooking Up Cleaner Bakery Labels


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Cooking Up Cleaner Bakery Labels

Baking is all about the reactions between different ingredients. This leads many bakers to use chemical or biological agents to achieve the desired end results.

However, consumers are becoming increasingly cognizant of what bakers are putting on their labels, leading to a backlash against chemical agents. Additionally, Food Product Design notes the lack of industry standards means many manufacturers are using synthetic ingredients from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National Organic Standards Board.

"Leavening phosphates currently on the list are calcium phosphates (monobasic, dibasic, and tribasic)," Barbara Heidolph, a marketing technical service director at ICL Performance Products, told the news source. "No other disclaimers are noted, so these three ingredients can be used in any food application."

Heidolph recommends trying to use more natural leavening agents to appeal to label-conscious consumers. The same consideration should be made for other ingredients as well.

The key is using ingredients consumers can understand. Chemical-sounding names act as turn-offs for many shoppers, so food manufacturers should be sure to avoid these agents when possible.