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Consumers Sour on General Mills' Mislabeled Sweet Snacks


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Consumers Sour on General Mills' Mislabeled Sweet Snacks

General Mills has come under fire for its fruit snack line, which includes Fruit Roll-Ups and Fruit By the Foot, for mislabeling them as nutritious foods.

A class action complaint claims the food manufacturer's labels infer the fruit snack products are nutritious and healthful alternatives to real fruit. However, the product contains trans fat, added sugars and artificial food dyes, while not containing any of the healthy ingredients of real fruit, such as dietary fiber.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest asserts the fruit snacks are essentially cheap candy targeted at consumers, not the nutritious alternative General Mills touts them as.

"General Mills is giving consumers the false impression that these products are somehow more wholesome, and charging more. It's an elaborate hoax on parents who are trying to do right by their kids," CSPI litigation director Steve Gardner told FoodProductDesign.

The CSPI contends that General Mills' deceptive labeling violates several states laws that prevent such practices from occurring.