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Consumers Question Use of MyPlate Label


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Consumers Question Use of MyPlate Label

The MyPlate label was introduced last year as a means to replace the food pyramid with a more easy-to-understand model.

However, some consumers have found the MyPlate logo on products they don't think it should be endorsing, the Mother Nature Network reports. For example, the label was recently seen on canned beans from Goya. Rather than advocating the purchase of products, these labels are simply supposed to be used to direct consumers to the MyPlate website. Goya, however, has the icon displayed prominently on the front of cans.

"My first thought when I saw the icons on the cans was that the product was being endorsed by Choose My Plate," explained MNN contributor Robin Shreeves. "At a second glance, that isn't stated on the can, but the icon's prominent placement on the front of the can gives me that impression."

It's worth it to note that the food pyramid was used in similar ways — it wasn't unusual to see the graphic on the packaging and labels of sugary cereals.