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Consumers May Be Willing To Pay More for Animal Welfare Food Labels


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Consumers May Be Willing To Pay More for Animal Welfare Food Labels

Activist groups are asking for an overwhelming number of labels on food products of late. Added to the list of labeling requests for eggs was a note indicating how the animal was treated, and now consumers are indicating a wish to see a similar route taken for meat products.

According to Kansas State University, some consumers may be more willing to cough up the extra cash to pay for labeling that informs them of how an animal was treated before it ended up at market, The Daily Herd reported. The study, conducted in 2008, found 61.7 percent of respondents would pay greater fees for labels on pork and egg products indicating the treatment of hens.

"The analysis suggests there may be significant support by consumers for mandatory labeling of production practices impacting animal welfare," said Kansas State University assistant professor Glynn Tonsor, who along with Michigan State University professor Christopher Wolf conducted the study, the source reported.

Some experts are critical of such labeling initiatives. Time Magazine recently ran a photo mocking a proposed egg labeling effort, featuring a carton with labels such as, "Laid by: A chicken who was feeling so-so at the time."