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Consumers Hungry For Restaurant Nutrition Food Labels


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Consumers Hungry For Restaurant Nutrition Food Labels

New Poll Shows Support For Food Labels

Reading food labels has become a regular shopping function of many consumers. As obesity rates skyrocket across the world, consumers have taken matters into their own hands by paying strict attention to what they eat. But a gap still exists, as consumers who eat at restaurants are still without critical nutritional information.

But a majority of consumers would like to see that change. According to a poll by Technomic, a food industry consultant, 65 percent of survey respondents favored nutritional labels on restaurant and diner menus. The strongest demand was for calories and sodium content.

Consumers May Soon Get Desired Food Labels
Seventy percent of polled consumers said they want nutritional food labels on menus for chain restaurants. That's a slightly higher margin than for all restaurants, which 68 percent want to display nutrition labels.

Just 38 percent wanted local, state or federal government action on the matter, however, 58 percent saw the government becoming involved anyway. That will soon be the case, too. One of the stipulations in the Affordable Care Act of 2010 called for labeling in restaurants, chain or not. It is a rule that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration supports and may soon be enforced.