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Connecticut Connects Labels with GMOs


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Connecticut Connects Labels with GMOs

A number of states throughout the country are researching labels for foods that use genetically modified ingredients.

The initiative recently gained backing in Connecticut, with a legislative committee approving a measure that would give consumers more information about the products they purchase, Businessweek reports. Opponents to the act argue that such measures would increase packaging costs, as many food manufacturers would have to print new labels notifying consumers of GMOs.

"It's something that's coming, and I think we can be in the forefront in helping shape how it's done," said Democratic Rep. Richard Roy, the committee's House chairman. "Think of us as the mouse that roared."

The Department of Agriculture also opposes the initiative, as the government is responsible for setting national standards. Goods sold in Connecticut would be put at a competitive disadvantage if it were the only state to pass new standards.

Still, many consumer watchdog groups have pushed for transparency with how food manufacturers label their goods, including mandatory GMO labeling.