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ConAgra Engineers Labels to Hide Genetically Modified Ingredients


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ConAgra Engineers Labels to Hide Genetically Modified Ingredients

It may seem like a bit of a contradiction to include "all natural" on a product's label when that item contains genetically modified organisms. However, one manufacturer did so and now is in hot water as a result.

Wesson brand cooking oils' producer ConAgra is facing a class-action lawsuit for allegedly using deceptive marketing techniques to label its products as natural. However, leveraging the term to appeal to health-concerned consumers has been widely abused by many companies, as the term "natural" has yet to be defined by the Food and Drug Administration.

In the complaint, consumers cite a definition from GMO advocate Monsanto, explaining that GMOs are any plant or animal that has been altered to claim properties and trait that are naturally not their own, Food Safety News reports.

Furthermore, the complaint targets the product's label artwork, claiming it too deceives shoppers. "The '100 percent natural' statement is, like much of the label on Wesson Oils, displayed in vibrant green. The 'Wesson' name is haloed by the image of the sun, and the Canola Oil features a picture of a green heart," stated the complaint, according to the news source.

GMOs should be nothing new to consumers, though. According to the Center for Food Safety, 70 percent of processed foods in supermarkets contain GMOs.