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Company Launches Plant-Based Packaging


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Company Launches Plant-Based Packaging

Natural food company Bloom Microgreen is further establishing itself as a green brand through new biodegradable product labels and packaging.

Bloom Microgreen's new packaging is compostable and biodegradable because it leverages plant-based materials rather than petroleum-derived packaging. According to owner Kara Wood, the switch made sense to the company — it traditionally practiced organic growing methods, so it seemed natural to use plant-based packaging as well.

"Bloom Microgreens' pack redesign had three important aspects: Design, form and function. The form and function has been made sustainable with the addition of new labels and containers," Azom reports. The design has also been made to look exactly the same as the previous one, ensuring the brand won't lose any customers due to a new appearance.

Organic products have become more popular over the past few months, especially as more consumers take notice of the ingredients that are put into their food. Natural food growers made note of this at the Natural Products Expo in Maryland, citing better consumer recognition as a benefit of producing organic goods.