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Company Develops Cool Temperature-Monitoring Labels


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Company Develops Cool Temperature-Monitoring Labels

Sensory solution provider PakSense has developed a new way for sellers to look after products that need to remain at certain temperatures.

PakSense's new technology, XpressPDF, can be integrated into package labels for products such as food, vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics and other perishables, enabling retailers and distribution chains to monitor their temperature and age during storage. A USB connection point can be attached to labels and enables sellers to generate a PDF data file that contains the relevant information.

"XpressPDF is the easiest-to-use, most versatile temperature monitoring device on the market today," said David Light, CEO at PakSense. "Low infrastructure and ease-of-use for the customer were paramount when we designed this product. Cold chain simplicity is what we have created."

This technology may prove especially vital to grocers, as it will enable them to better track the freshness of their frozen meats and dairy products. In the long run, this should enhance the overall customer experience, as shoppers will have fewer instances of purchasing spoiled products.