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Why I Heart COLOURlovers


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Why I Heart COLOURlovers

I often say a label is your most important marketing vehicle. Because of this, it is important to perfect your label design — including its color scheme. If you or your designer are struggling to put together that perfect combination of colors, you might want to check out COLOURLovers.

My Love of COLOURlovers is Not Blind

Colour Lovers Palettes I adored this site from the first time I laid eyes on it. Over the years, my adoration has blossomed into a love that continues to grow stronger. Back in the day, COLOURlovers was a fairly simple site where you created bars of color schemes similar to paint store swatches, and then shared them with the COLOURlovers community. Since then, the site has added many tools to assist you in the creative design process. That said, the basic building blocks of COLOURlovers are still there. There are just a lot more building blocks. As of this writing, you can browse more than 1,600,000 user-generated palettes to use as starting points for creating your own. If you want to view new palettes as they are created, you can sign-up to have them streamed to you through an RSS feed. Now let's look at one of the many cool tools COLOURlovers now offers.


PHOTOCOPA Run across a photo that strikes your fancy? Upload it or enter its URL to have PHOTOCOPA analyze its color scheme. Voila! If you have a hunch that someone in the world has taken a photo containing the ideal colors for your label design, you can search flickr within PHOTOCOPA. Right now, PHOTOCOPA is my favorite COLOURlovers tool. I am so obsessed with it, I might have to ask an IT administrator to block access to it so I can get some work done around here.

Other COLOURlovers Tools I Like


A professional-grade application that allows you to put together color palettes from the comfort of your computer desktop.

Color of the Year

Whether or not consumers realize it, the trends they are constantly being exposed to influence their actions, including the colors they gravitate towards. Want to get a leg up on the competition? Then work at least one on-trend color into your label design using a little help from Color of the Year.

COLOURlovers Blog

Yes, a blog is a tool. Tools make tasks easier to accomplish. If you are reading this post right now, you are absorbing information that will make it easier for you to design a fantastic, full-color label you will be proud of. COLOURlovers's blog is, in my opinion, one of the most fun design blogs you will run across on the Internet. It covers all kind of design issues — of one which might flip the switch you need to build an exceptional color scheme for your custom label.

Next Steps

Once you have perfected your color scheme — with the assistance of COLOURlovers, a talented designer, or the highly creative right side of your very own, beautiful brain — you will then expertly incorporate it into your design. Your next step will be to choose a company to print your custom labels for you. I highly encourage you to keep Lighting Labels top of mind, as our digital printing technology will bring your design to life as richly colored labels of the highest quality. After all, would a color lover like myself recommend a custom label printer that delivered anything less?