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Coca-Cola Packaging 'Plants' Future


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Coca-Cola Packaging 'Plants' Future

Coca-Cola to Ramp Up PlantBottle Packaging

Coca-Cola recently announced plans to increase production on its plant-based material used in its PlantBottle packaging.

"The benefits of sustainable innovation are only fully realized when commercialized and put in the hands of consumers," said Ronald Lewis, vice president, procurement & chief procurement officer at The Coca-Cola Company. "In 2009, we introduced the world to our PlantBottle package - the first recyclable PET plastic bottle made partially from plants. Today, Coca-Cola has sold more than 10 billion PlantBottle packages around the world that are less dependent on petroleum and have a lower carbon impact."

Coca-Cola will be partnering with JBF Industries to expand production. JBF will be building the world's largest facility dedicated to producing bio-glycol, the key ingredient used to make the PlantBottle. Construction will begin at the end of the year and will last two years. It is estimated that upon completion the facility will produce 500,000 metric tons of the material each year.

Heinz PlantBottle Packaging Helps Environment
Heinz, the famous ketchup producer, also uses the PlantBottle packaging. In July, the company announced its Join the Growing Movement Campaign, inviting consumers to download a smartphone application and scan one of the bottles.

Those who scan the bottles will be helping the environment, as Heinz agreed to plant a tree for every scanned label. The company says it will plant up to 57,000 trees as part of the campaign.