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Chocolatiers Sweeten Results Using New Labels


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Chocolatiers Sweeten Results Using New Labels

Chocolate manufacturers have been using new labeling strategies to garner more sales, Confectionery News reports.

Lu Anne Williams, head of research at Innova Market Insights, noted several changes that chocolate manufacturers are making to their labels and packaging. Most of the alterations revolve around customer perceptions — brands are trying to make their products seem more natural or organic and less processed.

For example, she explains that several brands are now labeling their chocolates as being "pure" or "true to nature." Meanwhile, other companies are trying different strategies, such as making ethical claims.

"It's not a choice anymore. Consumers will take it for granted that every company is doing something better," Williams told the news source. "It communicates that a lot of care has been taken into the production of the ingredients and that really does translate to a product that is very simple and pure for the consumer."

Establishing a positive brand reputation is crucial to selling any type of product nowadays. According to new research from Weber Shandwick, more consumers are paying heed to which companies produce the products they buy.