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Chinese Furniture Store Passes Off Products as Italian


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Chinese Furniture Store Passes Off Products as Italian

In Shanghai, China, the DaVinci furniture stores have been cited for falsely advertising their products, the New York Times reports.

Customers of the DaVinci stores consist of extremely wealthy individuals that may pay tens of thousands of dollars for living room and bedroom sets. While the company claims the furniture is made from unique leathers that are imported from Italy, some of the Italian-made labels on these products have been found to be erroneous.

According the Media of the People's Republic of China, some of the furniture from DaVinci was made in a factory in southern China — not Italy — the news source reports. "DaVinci plays a trick of mixing pearl and fish eye together, so we customers paid for pearl but got fish eye," a disgruntled DaVinci customer told the media outlet.

In 2009, Italian furniture made up approximately 6 percent of all Chinese furniture imports, according to China Customs. But given recent developments, this statistic may be a bit lower.

When purchasing a product, it's always a good practice to stick with government or industry-approved labels.