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Chinese City Rummages Through Garbage Labels


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Chinese City Rummages Through Garbage Labels

The city of Guangzhou, China, is attempting to use an experimental plan to crack down on individuals who are not sorting their garbage properly.

The city is requiring each garbage bag contain a label with a unique code corresponding to a particular household. Individuals must pay nearly 15 cents for each extra bag if they run out of the 60 bags given to them for free each month.

"We aim to reduce garbage disposal by charging for the extra garbage bags, encouraging people to sort their trash," one official in city management said in an interview with China Real Time, the Wall Street Journal reported. "Our staff can find the households that don't sort garbage properly by referring to the code in the bag."

The garbage will be separated into five different categories and residents will be charged a fee on the number of bags they throw away.

Waste is an increasing problem in China. According to Xinhua news agency, China produces nearly 150 million tons of garbage throughout the country each year, and that amount is growing by more than 10 percent each year, the Wall Street Journal reported.