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China Markets to Offer Fresh, Organic Labels


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China Markets to Offer Fresh, Organic Labels

The U.S. isn't the only market with consumers clamouring for organic food labels. Shanghai's product quality watchdog is helping local companies distinguish themselves.

Recently, the body gave approval to more than 70 organic product makers to begin using a label that will distinguish their products from those merely masquerading as organic, The Global Times reports. The labels will feature a unique code that can be entered into a government website to check if a product meets requirements to be deemed organic.

"Only products that were manufactured before July 1 are allowed to have the old labels now. Organic products made since have to carry the new label to get on the shelves," an official from the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision told the newspaper.

However, the blog China Hearsay questions whether the label will make much of a difference in a nation ripe with counterfeit products. The blog argues that for the label to really make a difference administrative resources devoted to tough enforcement will be needed.