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Chevy Energizes Volt Campaign With QR Code Sticker Labels


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Chevy Energizes Volt Campaign With QR Code Sticker Labels

QR Custom Stickers Part Of Marketing

If you're in SoCal and see a car drive past with QR sticker labels on its doors, don't pinch yourself, you're not dreaming. The unusual sight is all part of Chevy's new marketing plan for its series of electric cars that uses QR code stickers to inform customers about vehicle features.

One model included in the new marketing ploy is the Chevrolet Spark EV. The automaker has rolled out six prototypes of the Spark, all fitted with a QR code sticker on the driver-side door. The car is currently road testing in Southern California and has a QR code big enough for a passerby to scan with ease. Scanning the code will then take users to an official site that provides updates on the vehicle's progress.

QR Sticker Labels Used To Educate Chevy isn't just innovating QR sticker labels uses in marketing, but also in consumer education. The auto industry giant's more recognizable Volt series of electric cars is also part of the QR marketing campaign.

Chevy has sent out kits to Volt owners with instruction on placing window stickers bearing a QR code to their own cars to help others learn more about the vehicle. When scanned, the code brings the user to a creative YouTube video explaining all the benefits and features of the Volt.

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