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Cheap Custom Stickers Go Digital In Japan


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Cheap Custom Stickers Go Digital In Japan

Technology Association Creates Cheap Custom Stickers With Digital Component 

Japan's NMEMS technology research association recently introduced a new sensor innovation using cheap custom stickers. According to GEEK, the stickers are only 1 mm thick and may see widespread adoption as a detection device. At less than $10 each, the stickers are inexpensive enough for companies to stay within budgets while still implementing high-quality sensor technology.

Custom Digital Labels Display Sensor Innovation  GEEK reported the custom digital labels can track environmental conditions in buildings, such as dust and CO2 levels, as well as generate extra power on an internal wireless network. Although the stickers may not be in use until 2014, NMEMS said the stickers are able to communicate over a distance of approximately 31,000 square meters, making them well suited for buildings that require large sensor coverage.

According to Tech-On, a Japanese technology resource, the "Sensor System Development Project to Solve Social Problems" was announced at a recent technology seminar in Japan. Tech-On reported the project was created to provide an internal power source using wireless communication technology. Because stickers are flexible and easily applicable to an office environment, the project decided to attach the sensor module to an adhesive backing.

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