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Champagne Brand Gets Buyers Bubbly with Custom Labels


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Champagne Brand Gets Buyers Bubbly with Custom Labels

Moet & Chandon is hoping to drum up some excitement among consumers with a limited-edition, customizable champagne label, Package Design Magazine reports.

Each bottle of Golden Premium Jeroboam with the limited-edition label will come with a specially crafted pen, which can be used to sign the sticker. Moet believes this will turn bottles into personalized keepsakes, helping buyers remember special events for years afterward.

"Being unique is the essence of luxury: By signing its Golden Premium Jeroboam, each Moet lover can elevate an end-of-year gesture into a moment to remember," Arnaud de Saignes, international director of marketing and communications, told the news source.

Golden Premium Jeroboam is already designed to be a luxurious product. The typical bottle is cloaked in golden leaves and contains an engraved medallion with a real wax seal.

The new limited-edition label is crucial given the approaching New Year's holiday — a time when many people buy champagne. Launching special labels during high-volume periods can prove to be an effective way of improving sales, and is a promotion worth considering when designing products.