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Cereal Buyer's 'Eat Up' Green Packaging


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Cereal Buyer's 'Eat Up' Green Packaging

Green Up Street recently revealed results of a study showing insights into consumers behavior toward alternative packaging materials in cereal in comparison to the traditional paperboard packaging, Greener Package reported.

The packaging news showed environmentally friendly packaging can significantly influence a consumer's intention while purchasing goods. The study distributed breakfast cereal brands nationwide and presented a shopper with the the cereal company's current box with no eco-claims and compared those results with a sugarcane bagasse box.

The results showed that consumers preferred the bagasse box to the stock box 6 to 1 after being told the prices were the same. In addition, the bagasse box had the USDA BioPreferred seal, which 27 percent of respondents identified correctly and 51 percent reported it as positive. Furthermore, the source reported that 49 percent of participants could not articulate what benefits the seal was representing, but no consumers attested that the seal was negative.

Cardia Bioplastics Limited and Ecocare recently partnered in the development of the world's first eco-friendly facial wipes in eco-friendly packaging. The wipes use 100 percent natural certified organic cotton and the packaging uses Cardi's Biohybrid resin made from renewable resources.