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Cellphone Use May Do More Than Just Kill Braincells


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Cellphone Use May Do More Than Just Kill Braincells

It's no wonder consumers are concerned about ensuring manufacturers are practicing truth in labeling when it comes to food and nutraceutical packaging. However, a segment of experts and lawmakers is suggesting individuals now turn their attention to technology.

According to the Environmental Health Trust, people who have used cellphones the most for more than a decade have twice as great a risk of developing malignant brain tumors, as well as tumors on the hearing nerve.

The results were revealed during a hearing before the Pennsylvania legislature, during which Dr. Ronald Herberman, chairman of the board of EHT, added that individuals who have been using cellphones or cordless phones since they were teenagers have 680 percent and 690 percent, respectively, increased chances of brain cancer.

As a result, the Pennsylvania state legislature has been considering slapping warning labels on the phones. Yet, the proposal has not been met without resistance, especially from the wireless sector.

"When you start putting warning labels on products because there may be, or we think they may [a risk]," Gerard Keegan from wireless group CTIA, told Newsworks. "The public gets turned off, and the warning labels on products that require (them) would be ignored by the general public."