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CEC Shocks Electronics Producers With New Energy Standards


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CEC Shocks Electronics Producers With New Energy Standards

The California Energy Commission recently proposed new regulations that would enforce stricter energy efficiency standards for electronics manufacturers.

The CEC's proposed policies have drawn the ire of consumer electronics producers, which have already invested time and money into developing more efficient products. The Consumer Electronics Association insists the CEC must take into account the innovation that competition and consumer choice have inspired before levying any new regulations.

Already, the industry has come up with several measures to improve energy efficiency, such as the Energy Star label program, which makes it easy for consumers to determine which products use less electricity.

"It's important for both industry and policymakers to recognize what has been accomplished in energy efficiency," Douglas Johnson, vice president of technology policy for the CEA, told Design News. "In developing new policies, especially in California, policymakers have not recognized the efficiency improvements, so they continue to move to new policy."

Recent research from Mintel suggests consumers have grown more cognizant of the environmental impact some products have. According to the survey, 40 percent of customers prefer to buy products from environmentally conscious brands.