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Cartoons on Wine Bottles


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Cartoons on Wine Bottles


Stormhoek, the South African vineyard that has taken the world by storm with its unique blogging and marketing campaigns, is pushing the envelope again. This week Stormhoek sponsored the British Comedy Awards by providing the wine for all the tables of celebrities. But rather than just giving away their wine and letting that be the end of it, they created some special wine labels just for the occasion.

Seeing that the event was a comedy awards they decided to create new wine labels with cartoons from Hugh MacLeod of the GapingVoid (Stormhoek has worked with MacLeod as a consultant before and he has been responsible for some of their award winning marketing campaigns). But they didn't just do one cartoon, they produced 30 different cartoons, like the one featured above, on the wine labels. The whole idea was to get the celebrities swapping wine bottles and talking about the wine.

This is another great example of the innovative use of digital label printing. There is no need for every label to be the same - if Stormhoek had done that their wine would have had much less impact. You can make every label different and start getting people talking about your product.