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Canadian Officials Receive Flack for New Beer Labeling Requirement


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Canadian Officials Receive Flack for New Beer Labeling Requirement

Canadian health officials are facing criticism for recent regulations that make it mandatory for beer brewers to label the contents of their products.

The new requirements will now see to it that beer makers label whether a beer contains barley or wheat, an initiative that many brewers claim would hike up costs - potentially to over $10,000 in printing alone. Critics say the warning is self-evident, because all beer contains grain, similar to the fact that all ketchup contains tomatoes, according to Canadian-based newspaper The Vancouver Sun.

"It seems kind of absurd that you have to let people know there is grain in beer," said Barry Benson, co-owner of R&B Brewing Company, to the source.

"It should be more along the lines that you let people know when there isn't. There are two or three products out that are gluten-free," he added.

Many brewers already label their products' ingredients, according to Top News. Additionally, those that do produce gluten-free products are generally labeled as such, alerting consumers with an allergy to which beers they are able to consume.