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Canadian Grocers Encourage Local Purchases


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Canadian Grocers Encourage Local Purchases

Canadian grocers are hoping to get domestic shoppers to purchase home-grown goods through a new labeling initiative, Leduc Rep reports.

Called the Localize project, the initiative garnered some early success at launch last year and now, new stores in Leduc, Devon and Camrose have joined the movement. To denote domestic products, an orange label is placed next to them on shelves alongside a number rating to convey how local the product is. If consumers want more information, they can scan the quick response code on labels and head to the Localize website.

"It really boils down to looking for ways to address local foods in grocery stores. I think grocery stores are a bit of a lost opportunity when it comes to local food," Meghan Dear, the developer of the Localize project, told the news source. She previously worked with West African governments on similar initiatives, which inspired the program when she returned home.

Several grocers worldwide have begun promoting local products. For example, orange juice manufacturers recently began including a label on all domestic concentrates.