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Canadian Government No Longer Weeding Out Bad Fertilizers


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Canadian Government No Longer Weeding Out Bad Fertilizers

As a way to save money, the Canadian federal government will no longer check fertilizers for false claims on labels reports.

In a prepared statement, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency — the arm of the government in charge of safety issues — informed the public it would no longer regulate fertilizer effectiveness. However, this only goes for pre-market efficacy assessments, which ensure label claims are backed by scientific evidence. The CFIA will still test products to ensure they are safe for the environment.

"The system of science-based efficacy or guarantees has worked for a long time in Canada. CFIA believes that the existing system was working by and large, and did not see a need for drastic change. The government made a decision in the budget and we are working with the CFIA to make a smooth transition to a deregulated market," Roger Larson, president of the Canadian Fertilizer Institute, said.

Critics suggest that consumers should carefully look at fertilizer labels to ensure they are using them properly. One Harvard researcher even said she would let her kids play in yards recently treated by fertilizers, provided the products were used correctly.