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Calorie Label Stickers to be Placed in Britain Staircases


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Calorie Label Stickers to be Placed in Britain Staircases

Calorie Label Stickers Encourage Stair Use

Trial research recently conducted in London revealed label stickers placed in stairwells listing how many calories people are burning as they ascend steps may encourage greater stair use. According to British newspaper The Telegraph, researchers placed custom labels listing calorie counts in the stairwells of three large office buildings. They determined that these stickers increased the number of stair users in the buildings by 29 percent.

The results of the trial have led a country-wide initiative to place similar stickers in the stairwells of buildings across Britain.

Customized Stickers Reflect National Push for Health Awareness The project to place customized stickers on stairwells is being led by StepJockey, a health-focused startup. The business's website explains climbing stairs is considered "vigorous exercise," and burns more calories per minute than jogging.

The sticker initiative is based on a type of behavioral economics called "nudge theory."

"Anything that gets people more active and helps tackle obesity is a good thing in my book," said London Mayor Boris Johnson, according to The Telegraph. "This initiative is a great mix of old-fashioned common sense and smart technology to track and incentivize."

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