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California Warning Labels Overly Cautious?


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California Warning Labels Overly Cautious?

For many products, warning labels are a necessity, providing useful safety information to consumers to prevent injury, sickness or even death.

However, some organizations and governments have used warning labels in less-than-necessary ways. According to a recent article in The Montreal Gazette, California legislators seem to slap labels warning of chemicals known to the state to "cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm" on just about everything.

The list of dangerous chemicals exceeds 800 entries, and inclusion is based on evidence that any dosage of a chemical causes cancer or a developmental problem in an animal, the paper reports.

Initially, the labels may seem like a good idea, yet the paper points out the chemicals' extremely limited use. "Given that testosterone, progesterone and estrogen, all naturally occurring hormones, are on the list, it's a wonder that people aren't made to walk around with labels on their forehead declaring the presence of chemicals known to the state of California to be dangerous," explained The Montreal Gazette.

A recent contest shed light on other over-the-top warning labels, such as one for a snow globe that is not to be used as a navigation tool.