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California Label Laws Not So Golden for Entrepreneur


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California Label Laws Not So Golden for Entrepreneur

Rio Sabadicci, a Carlsbad, California-based entrepreneur, is rallying for changes to the state's "Made in USA" label law, UT San Diego reports.

Inventor of the popular Vinturi wine aerator, Sabadicci is not allowed to sell the product with a "Made in USA" label because it has a small decorative band made in China. California's labeling law says a product must be 100 percent made domestically if it is to be sold under such pretenses.

A Federal Trade Commission advisory followed by the 49 other states is more lenient, permitting the sales of "Made in USA" products provided that "virtually all" of the product is made domestically. Sabadicci argues that California should revise its labeling laws to fall in line with other states to help small business owners get ahead of large international brands.

"It goes beyond just my product," Sabadicci told the news source. "It just strikes me as something that doesn't make any sense at all."

Many product manufacturers from across the globe use domestic labels to help promote their products to local crowds. For example, several French brands recently began using this strategy and saw a lift in sales in response.