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California County Leads GMO Labeling Effort


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California County Leads GMO Labeling Effort

Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are cropping up in an increasing number of domestic foodstuffs, which has led to some opposition from organic farmers.

Most recently, a group of growers from Monterey County, California, began pushing for new labels that denote when products are made using GMOs. Some products, such as corn and soy, use GMOs extensively during production. The group, The Committee for the Right to Know, has begun collecting signatures to put the issue before voters this November.

The Californian reports that the group has until the end of April to collect approximately 850,000 signatures for the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act to be present on the ballot.

"The group wants labels on processed foods, produce and genetically modified meat. Their ballot initiative excludes alcohol, animals raised on GMO feed, food that unintentionally or unknowingly includes GMOs or anything meant for immediate consumption, including food from restaurants and food stands," the news source notes.

GMO awareness is becoming a more pressing issue throughout the United States. For example, a march that went to the White House earlier this year hoped to generate more exposure for GMO labeling.