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Cadbury Egged On to Makeover Chocolate Bar


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Cadbury Egged On to Makeover Chocolate Bar

Cadbury has gone through a number of changes over the past 12 months, the biggest of which was its acquisition by American dairy manufacturer Kraft.

Under its new management, the chocolatier has decided to redesign its Cadbury chocolate bar, Packaging Digest reports. The company is spending approximately $9.4 million to give the bar a label makeover and change the way it's stocked on retail shelves. Research from the company suggests that if the chocolate is flipped onto its side on shelves, customers may be more likely to buy the candy.

"Kraft is using the cash on a new production line at its factory in Birmingham to repackage bars of Dairy Milk, Whole Nut, and Fruit and Nut. Each cardboard box will be fitted with a spring that prevents the bars from falling over. It also pushes the confectionery forward each time one is removed. Customers will see the new packs in the first half of next year," the news source notes.

While the spring-loaded box may seem like a minor innovation, sometimes it's the subtle changes that can help drive renewed sales. For example, Nestle recently changed the flip cap on its water bottles to make them safer.