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Businesses Use QR Codes to Offer Music, Directions


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Businesses Use QR Codes to Offer Music, Directions

Quick response codes first entered the mainstream market last year, and marketers have quickly adopted them, slapping them on all types of materials.

One interesting use for them appears at the University of Colorado at Boulder's Norlin Library. Instead of displaying reference maps or phone numbers, the library utilizes QR codes to lead visitors to landing pages that feature online dictionaries and digital maps. The library has approximately 50 codes in place that dial the help desk when scanned, the Denver Post reported.

"It's a really old building and it's kind of confusing," Alison Hicks, a humanitarian librarian at Norlin, told the source. "So we just wanted to give an extra way for people to get help and to find stuff."

Other Colorado-based businesses and groups have recognized the power of QR codes as well. The band SoundRabbit has begun promoting itself with them, printing them on T-shirts that when scanned, bring mobile device users to an MP3 of one of four of the band's songs.

QR codes have proven to be an effective marketing tool for many large brands as well. For example, Calvin Klein featured them on billboards across major U.S. cities and the Radisson Edwardian hotel chain in the UK is using them to push its restaurant fare.