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Burned: Buyers to be Carded When Purchasing Caustic Chemicals


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Burned: Buyers to be Carded When Purchasing Caustic Chemicals

A new Illinois state law designed to reinforce warnings printed on the labels of caustic chemicals will go into place on January 1, 2012, Benton Evening News reports.

The new regulations, put into effect by the Federal Caustic Poison Act, will require sellers of such products to card customers when they purchase caustic chemicals. John Huffman, owner of Town & County True Value, said retailers should prepare in advance to ensure buyers aren't taken by surprise by the new policy.

"Every retailer throughout the state that sells products containing substances regulated by the Federal Caustic Poison Act and product labels that read 'causes severe burns' must maintain a registry of customers," Huffman told the news source.

The new law applies only to substances regulated by the act that also contain the burn warning. Customers will be asked to present a government-issued photo ID to prove they are of legal age to purchase these chemicals.

Warning notices are a crucial part of labels for products that can potentially be dangerous to users. Bumbo, a child seat, was recently recalled worldwide because it didn't point out the dangers of misusing the product.