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British Supermarket Drops Push for Carbon Labeling


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British Supermarket Drops Push for Carbon Labeling

Across the globe, brands are trying to make labels transparent and straightforward. Green labels that note the sustainability of goods are on one such effort.

A British supermarket giant, Tesco, had even planned to develop a universal carbon footprint labeling initiative that would tell shoppers what impact the product had on the environment. Products, ranging from milk to toilet paper, would be embossed with a logo that displayed their carbon footprints.

However, after researching the costs and impact of the progressive program, Tesco decided to opt out, Smart Planet reports — much to the disappointment of many environmental groups.

"The annual sales value of goods carrying the label is some [$4.7 billion]. We are clearly disappointed that Tesco has decided to phase out over time the use of the label on cost grounds," a spokeswoman from Carbon Trust — one of the many environmental agencies supporting the initiative — told the news source.

Still, a number of eco-friendly labeling initiatives exist — so many that some companies have begun "greenwashing" their products with relevant stickers to make their businesses seem more supportive of the environment.