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British Brewer Boasts Local Brand on New Labels


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British Brewer Boasts Local Brand on New Labels

Frog Island, a beer produced in Northamptonshire, England, will now be showing some regional pride.

A revised logo notes where the brew originated, the Northhampton Chronicle & Echo reports. The logo was designed by the food networking group Made In Northamptonshire, an organization that aims to promote local goods. The organization hopes to make it apparent which products are local, thereby helping consumers support nearby businesses.

Frog Island is only one of the many products featuring the designation — the emblem can be attached to any products or promotional materials used to sell Northamptonshire goods.

"I think it's a great idea, we will be using the logo. More and more people are saying local food is really important, I suppose I would say that anyway, but really they are," Jonathan Chaplin, head of Northamptonshire-based Village Orchard Flore, told the news source.

Brands throughout the world are beginning to show some national pride in an effort to generate additional local sales. For example, Parisian product manufacturers now include a "Made in France" emblem on their goods.