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Bottled Water Labeling Missing Key Information and Misleading Consumers


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Bottled Water Labeling Missing Key Information and Misleading Consumers

Only one of more than 170 bottled water brands disclose information about the product's source, purification method and if tests had found any contaminants after being treated on their labels, according to the Environmental Working Group.

Nestle's Pure Life Purified Water offered such information and an 800-number for consumers to call to request a water quality report test on the bottle's label. However, its seven other brands did not and neither did nine other top brands including Coca-Cola's Dasani, Pepsi's Aquafina and Crystal Geyser.

"The industry's lack of information on source, purity and treatment of bottled water isn't some coincidence," said Jane Houlihan, EWG's senior vice president for research.

"Bottled water companies try hard to hide any information consumers may find troubling. They don't tell where the water comes from and what pollutants they may have found. Their ads depict mountain streams and natural springs. Yet nearly half the time, according to the industry's own statistics, they're bottling tap water," she added.

City tap water is the source for almost 50 percent of bottled water, the source reported.