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Bigger Mouth Makes for Better Eating with Yogurt Redesign


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Bigger Mouth Makes for Better Eating with Yogurt Redesign

The packaging of a product is not simply a container to hold whatever lies inside — manufacturers need to consider both form and function.

Voskos Greek Yogurt recently redesigned its product packaging to take advantage of how consumers were eating the product, Package Design Magazine reports. Because many buyers stirred in other food products, such as fruits or granola, Voskos gave its yogurt container a wider mouth.

But the company also had grocers in mind as it redesigned its packaging. The lower profile and wider mouth also make it easier for store employees to stack it on shelves, helping the brand get more yogurt in front of consumers.

"Voskos marketing manager Emily Neukircher notes that the recyclable packaging is still as environmentally friendly as its previous packaging," the news source adds. "The new packaging also is easier to find at retailers."

When designing packaging, it's vital that manufacturers think of both purposes. Containers and labels are more than just advertising, they affect how people consume products as well.