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Bath Salts Top Dog Among Designer Drugs


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Bath Salts Top Dog Among Designer Drugs

Among designer drugs, synthetic bath salts with labels bearing "not for human consumption" have reigned supreme as of late. They are legal, available in both stores and across the internet and easily accessible to younger demographics.

However, these bath salts, not meant for a relaxing tub experience, are no joke and can be potentially fatal for consumers that take them. Often, those who take them are misled into believing they are a "safe" alternative, but they are just as dangerous as their hard counterparts.

According to The Baltimore Sun, consumers first began asking for the drugs last year, seeking bath salts primarily because they are undetected by drug tests.

"People are so afraid of losing their jobs because of drug tests," said Geoff Gentry, who owns a smoke shop. "[Distributors] are capitalizing on the whole random drug test thing. The populace of people after this stuff is astounding. I go to trade shows, and the stuff is practically thrown at me."

The Washington Post reported that no matter how "safe" distributors may claim the bath salts to be, they are dangerous, especially because consumers never know what may be mixed up in with the product.