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Barcode Hero iPhone Application Redefines Holiday Wish Lists


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Barcode Hero iPhone Application Redefines Holiday Wish Lists

Holiday wish lists are being reinvented this holiday season by Barcode Hero.

The startup company has released an iPhone application targeted at children, allowing them to search for items featured on the application and scan the barcodes from an item's label when in-store that they hope to receive for the holidays. The mobile wish list can then be sent directly to Santa and the child's parents, according to Mashable.

"Instead of sitting down in the living room with the children to write a letter to Santa on pencil and paper, Barcode Hero allows parents to make wish lists a modern, family-focused holiday activity, complete with photos," said Blake Scholl, co-founder of Barcode Hero, to the source.

"We're sure Santa will appreciate the help," he added.

Children can also include a note to Santa to detail their good behavior over the year and attach a photo of themselves.

The application was originally created to help consumers research products and gather opinions on items while shopping, according to Dallas-based KDAF TV station.