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Baby Monitors Need Monitoring


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Baby Monitors Need Monitoring

Baby monitors are supposed to protect children, but in some cases these devices have done the opposite.

At least seven children have died in the last 10 years due to strangulation from baby monitor cords, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Many baby monitor providers are making a concentrated effort to improve warning labels on monitors so parents remember to keep the devices out of the reach of children. 

"Any product intended to give parents peace of mind, especially in the sleep environment, should not introduce another hazard," said Rachel Weintraub, the Consumer Federation of America's product safety director, according to USA Today.

Along with the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association, the CPSC looked to come up with the best solution to deal with cord strangulation. The two organizations decided to conduct a new educational campaign in order to inform parents on the potential harm caused by baby monitors and urge parents not to put baby monitors inside or near a crib where a child could reach it, the campaign's website, offers safety advice and video help on safe baby monitor use.