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Australian Travel Group Encourages Drivers to Run Over Kangaroos


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Australian Travel Group Encourages Drivers to Run Over Kangaroos

A controversial group of Australians, called Wicked Campers, are receiving criticism for stickers encouraging motorists to run over kangaroos. Toned down versions of the stickers read "Kangaroos: run the buggers down," with other stickers also available.

Wicked Campers, a camper-van rental company in Australia, plastered the controversial stickers on 1,000 of its vehicles because, according to company CEO John Webb, camper-van motorists were swerving to avoid animals in the road and, as a result, rolling the vehicles. However, anyone who follows the instructions and deliberately hits a kangaroo could find themselves in jail for up to two years and paying a fine of up to $28,000 for animal cruelty, reported.

Animal rights groups are outraged about Wicked Camper's sticker campaign.

"We've got this company basically telling people to go ahead and perform acts of cruelty," Jaylene Musgrave, founder of Vegan Warriors, told The Australian.

"If [Webb] says it's a message about road safety, he needs to detail it on the stickers," she added.

Webb defended his campaign, claiming drivers should not take it seriously and that it was only intended to be humorous.