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Australian Officials Propose New Milk Labeling Regulations


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Australian Officials Propose New Milk Labeling Regulations

Australian officials are calling for stricter labeling on milk, due to dairy processors who top off products with waste or additives called permeate. It is a natural part of milk that consists of lactose, vitamins and minerals and is created during the production of other milk, including high-calcium and low-fat varieties.

According to The West Australian, the Federal Liberal Member for Forrest in southwest Western Australia, Nola Marino, is calling for milk cartons to have clear ingredient labels, which could help combat the elimination of the dairy industry via the milk price war in Australia. The labeling requirement would be similar to laws that have recently gone into effect regarding fruit juiced in the region.

She recently submitted an inquiry to the Australian Senate saying that proper labeling would allow consumers to make more informed choices regarding their dairy purchases - showing them that cheaper milk is not always of the same quality as its higher priced counterparts.

"Some processors actually do use permeate, and if they are using it basically, I want to see that labeled … in what way it's a modified milk," Marino told ABC.