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Australian Businessman Selling Custom Stickers To Hide Tobacco Warnings


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Australian Businessman Selling Custom Stickers To Hide Tobacco Warnings

Custom Stickers Side-Step New Requirements

More countries are turning to custom stickers to warn consumers against cigarette smoking. Graphic warnings featuring diseased organs affixed to tobacco packaging are increasingly becoming common on the international stage. However, one country that recently introduced the measures might not have expected stickers to be used against them.

Less than two weeks after Australia instituted its new graphic warning packaging requirements on cigarettes, a domestic businessman has launched a new sticker product line that covers up the graphic warnings, sparking a federal probe into the legality of his business.

Sticker Labels Feature Flags, Women
Anthony Do Rozario, a businessman on Australia's Gold Coast, said his company, Box Wraps, would start selling sticker labels that wrap around cigarette packs. Do Rozario reasoned that customers shouldn't have to see the graphic images after purchase. Even the product's new slogan says: "It's your box, it's your choice," The Australian reported.

However, his decision has led to an immediate reaction by the Australian government, which can be none too pleased after the landmark legislation went into effect. The Australian said a spokeswoman for the Department of Health and Ageing said the agency will be "immediately investigating this product to evaluate its status."