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Aussies Take Action Against Mislabeled Olives


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Aussies Take Action Against Mislabeled Olives

The Australian parliament is looking to protect local olive growers by pushing for labeling initiatives that are more transparent about the origin of produce.

New South Wales Nationals Senator John Williams believes the Australian olive industry is being let down by retailers, who knowingly sell extra-virgin olive oil and other olive-related products that are deceptively labeled under Australian regulations.

"Our olive growers in Australia are not being treated fairly," Senator Williams said, as quoted by Stock & Land. "The consumers, the public of Australia, are not being treated fairly. They are paying for what they believe to be a high-quality product when in fact it is not. We need to act on this. Labeling is a big issue and the olive industry in Australia is the one copping it big time."

The sales of olive oil in Australia are significant, and local growers believe the government is letting precious revenue fall by the wayside due to improper labeling practices.

Australia has struggled with foreign imports of other goods as well. For example, many produce manufacturers have noted Asian companies selling their frozen fruits and vegetables as being made domestically.