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Aussie Alcohol Industry Fights Against Pregnancy Labels


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Aussie Alcohol Industry Fights Against Pregnancy Labels

It's a well-known fact that pregnant mothers shouldn't drink alcohol or their children could be born with a number of related birth defects.

However, Australian alcohol companies say these claims are bent out of proportion and are scaring away potential buyers with warning labels on bottles and containers. Several members of the alcohol industry have submitted inquiries to the House of Representatives saying that such labels can result in "scaremongering," citing research that suggests fetal alcohol syndrome has been exaggerated.

The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education has refuted these claims and suggests the sector is trying to boost its bottom line by rallying against these labels, Casey Weekly Berwick reports.

"'The alcohol industry wishes to propagate the myth that it is somehow risky to ensure consumers are appropriately informed of the potential harms from its product,'' Michael Thorn, chief executive of the foundation, told the news source.

For product manufacturers, full disclosure on labels is often the best policy. This helps avoid any lawsuits and bolsters customers' faith in a brand.