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Arizona Teacher Fired for Controversial Bumper Sticker


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Arizona Teacher Fired for Controversial Bumper Sticker

One Surprise, Arizona, high school English teacher was fired for a bumper sticker on her Toyota Prius, that she refused to peel off.

Tarah Ausburn's bumper sticker read "Have you drugged your kid today?" and five parents of students who attend Imagine Prep High School complained about it before administrators ordered the teacher to remove it. Ausburn, who has been a teacher for seven years, was also given the option to relocate her car, parking it off-campus every day for the rest of the school year. She refused both options and was fired, the website Care2 reported.

"It's kind of a criticism of us tending to over-medicate hyperactive kids who might not need those medications," Ausburn told KPHO-TV station.

Ausburn said that her First Ammendment rights are in violation and is fighting to win her job back. She claims to have never shared her opinion in class, instead she shares her viewpoint via her vehicle, which is plastered with bumper stickers on a variety of controversial topics.