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Argan Oil Makes its Way to Beauty Product Labels


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Argan Oil Makes its Way to Beauty Product Labels

Argan oil is a popular new ingredient that is being included on the labels of a variety of beauty products, ranging from shampoos to body oils.

BangStyle reports that Argan oil is produced from a certain tree that is found only in a particular region of Morocco. Because it's so rare and difficult to cultivate, it has quickly become a prized ingredient in a number of beauty products, with consumers looking at product labels to determine if it was used in production.

"Because of its richness in vitamins, fatty acids and carotenoids, Argan oil products work wonders for the skin," the news source adds. "Like all oils it works to moisturize dry and scaly skin, but it also offers a lot of protection."

Argan oil is one of the trendiest beauty ingredients on the market right now, but it does provide a lot of benefits as well, such as moisturizing effects.

Shoppers need to be cautious of paying big money for Argan oil, though, because label claims on beauty products are not monitored by any regulatory organizations.